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    Once you've filled out the Return Form we'll check your request, if it meets the requirements we'll issue you a full refund. (Must meet requirements)

    Items NOT eligible for refunds :

    • Custom Made Jewelry
    • Consultation Fee 


    * Once you've paid our invoice for your custom piece of jewelry you're agreeing to our Return and Shipping Policy. Returns are not accepted due to the nature of the custom created jewelry.

    ** The only exception to returns for custom jewelry is if the piece is defective from our manufacturing process. (This must be determined by one of our design agents)


    We can't accept refunds or returns for Custom Made Jewelry because it's made specifically to our clients design and choosing. We can't resell someone else' design. 


    We can't accept refunds for Consultation Fees. This fee serves as an hourly rate which is paid to our design team for working on and calculating the specifics of a custom piece. It's a cost for a service which is completed once the price quote or conversation between our customers has taken place.