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    If you're looking for our highest quality pieces, shop in our "Premium" collections.

    For more affordable pieces, shop in our "Standard" collections.


    We understand that some of our customers are on a budget and aren't able to drop hundreds, or thousands on some of our pieces. For this reason we added a new line of jewelry in our store that is still of high quality, but made with affordability in mind.

    Though our Standard jewelry is slightly different from our Premium jewelry in terms of quality, our Standard jewelry is still made with high grade materials and prong set stones. 

    To see the exact differences between the two categories, check out the bullet points below.


    • 10 Layers of Gold
    • Level 5 Diamond Simulates
    • Handcrafted Molds



    • 5 Layers of Gold
    • Level 4 Diamond Simulates
    • Machined Molds