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    Everyday we are adding new pieces which are made by other jewelry brands that we partner with. While most of these pieces are more budget friendly, the quality is also of premium level. Check the Product Description to see exactly how many layers of gold plating is into that piece. 


    Wether it's made by us (Currency LA) or one of our Partnering Jewelry Companies, you can check to see how many Gold Layers are on the piece by simply reading the Product Description. All jewelry will show in the Description of how many Gold Layers are on the piece. 

    Our maximum level of plating is : 10 Layers (Lifetime Durability)

    Our lowest level of plating is : 3 Layers (2+ Years Durability)


    ** Please keep in mind: 

    • Jewelry made by us (Currency LA) will arrive within 1-4 Business Days
    • Jewelry made by other brands will arrive within 6-14 Business Days 

    We are able to offer slightly lower prices for other brand name jewelry, while increasing shipping times slightly.