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    If you ordered a custom piece from us and are still waiting for it to arrive, please rest assured we are working as quick as possible to finish creating your piece. We ask that all our customers remain patient throughout the process and understand that all pieces are made-to-order. This process can take between 3-5 weeks.

    The Process: 

    Step 1: Order is placed by the customer
    Step 2: We receive the details of the order and begin creating the molds for your custom piece based off your specifications
    Step 3: Once the wax mold has been finished they're casted and transformed into the final jewelry mold
    Step 4: The final jewelry mold then undergoes a rough polishing phase in preparation for the stones to be set
    Step 5: After the rough polishing the custom piece is ready for the stones to be hand-set by our team.
    Step 6: After the stones have been set the custom piece undergoes another stage of polishing in preparation for the gold plating process.
    Step 7: (Final Step) The custom piece is now inserted into our plating machine where it's required to stay for 5-14 days. This process can vary in time depending on how the piece comes out after the first run. If the gold thickness meets our quality standards it will be removed from the machine and prepared to be shipped to the customer. If the gold thickness does not meet our quality standards after the first run it will be re-inserted into our machine to add more gold layers. 

      Please keep the above steps in mind before contacting us for an order update, if your order was just placed rest assured we're working on it. We will update you when it's being finished up and prepared for shipment. For further questions regarding your order, please email us with your order number in the subject line.


      This page and the product pages for our custom jewelry are a form of contractual agreement which can be used in a court of law. If the customer retracts their payment while we have already started on their custom piece we reserve the right to take different forms of legal action to recover the payment owed to us for beginning production on your custom piece of jewelry. (situational)

      By purchasing custom jewelry from Currency LA Jewelry the customer is acknowledging that all custom pieces are made-to-order and your payment is used on materials and labor to have your custom piece created.