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    In order to receive a price quote for your custom piece, it requires our design team to collect every piece of information from the customer. After all the information about the custom piece is collected, our designers than draw-up the piece based on the specs. After the piece has been drawn up we are able to calculate what the weight will be along with how much labor/resources will be required to have the piece made.

    This process takes the time of our designers, because of the time involved in this process, we charge a $40 Consultation Fee. The consultation Fee covers the time our design team has put in. 

    The Consultation Fee ($40) also is credited towards the custom piece if the customer decides to have it made.

    Consultations are non-refundable once it's been completed. Unfortunately the time our designers have put in can't be returned if a customer decides to not have the piece made, because of that reason the consultation fee is paid directly to our design team and can't be refunded upon completion of the service.