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    Is it safe to purchase from CurrencyLA.com? 

    • Yes. To keep all of our customers safe, our website uses state of the art security encryption. This means all of our customers can checkout and purchase with 100% safety. To learn more about our secured encryption, click here. 

    How is your jewelry different from other companies?

    • For plated jewelry, it's not easy to find high-quality pieces that won't fade or tarnish. This is what separates us from the rest and keeps our customers coming back. All of our pieces have extra gold content, which means the gold plating is thicker and is guaranteed to last. 

    How can I be sure of the authenticity of your jewelry? 

    • Our jewelry is completely unique to our brand. While the designs may be similar to some jewelry on the market, the difference is our handcrafted molds and customized gold plating process.

    How long does shipping take? 

    • Our shipping is very quick, all orders will leave our facility within 24 hrs and ship with USPS First Class Shipping. 

    Is the jewelry made with real gold?  

    • We will never use gold coloring, in fact, we add more gold to our pieces by customizing the process of plating our jewelry. By the customization of our jewelry plating process, we are able to guarantee our customers jewelry will not fade or tarnish. 

    Where is Currency L.A located? 

    • We are located in Los Angeles, California. All orders will be packaged and shipped by us, from our facility in California.